Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Big Empty

I'm sorry to have been quiet of late, but I couldn't help it if I lost my interpreter! It's a fun but tragic story with what seems to be a happy ending. My people is back, he loves me, and there's no new peoples involved anymore.
A long time ago - my people says it's the day after the last time I talked to you but I don't know how long ago that is - a female people came to my house. She is almost as tall as my people, but has a lot of fun-to-bat long hair. It didn't take me long to realize that she was the Carly my people has been talking to. She looks a lot different than the thing he holds up to his ear, though, and I'm still a little confused about that. Anyway, Carly brought a big box on wheels with her - a suitcase, I soon realized - which made me wonder if she was just about to leave again. She didn't, though. She and my people seem to like each other very very much. As the days passed, they kept going out and leaving me alone with Kara. When they came back, they had strange smells on their skin and hair. Carly seemed very upset by the way I'm trying to play with Kara, and a couple of times my people even put me in the bathroom with a box and a dish to keep us apart! I didn't mind, though; it's warm in there, and there are lots of things to play with. After a few days of this sort of thing, my people put a bunch of his things into Carly's suitcase, Carly put some things in as well, and then they both left. I thought they'd be back later that day, but they weren't.
The next long while is by far the longest I've gone without seeing my people. Penny came in a friggintruck sometimes to feed me and give me my pills, and a younger female came sometimes too when Penny couldn't. My people says she's his cousin, Jennifer, Penny's kitten. She's nice. At one point, Penny's other kitten, a male named Jake, came over and built some hard things in my people's kitchen...he calls them shelves and puts heavy things on them instead of storing them in the little rooms under his sink. In all honesty, as time went by, I started getting scared that my people would never come back. I kept trying to show Penny and her kittens that I was upset by finding pieces of stuff from the box and batting them around the apartment, because it's stinky and usually peoples will get the message if kittens do that. They didn't, though, just used that loud machine on the floor again, got rid of the pieces and left me alone.
At long, long last though, my people came back! I wouldn't let him out of my sight. I'm not ashamed to say I was climbing on him and mewing at him for most of the evening when he returned. He smelled as if he'd been to a lot of places, and I could smell Scoot on him...remember Scoot? He seemed very tired, and carly did, too, so I tried not to be mean or spiteful. They still didn't seem to like me chasing Kara though, so I went back in the bathroom. I cried my poor little heart out! How dare they do that after I waited so long to see them! The day after that, my people and Carly stayed home, snoring a lot and lying in the bed thing. I let Kara cuddle with them for awhile, because I'm sure she missed them too even if she didn't say so. I went back in the bathroom again that night, very late, while Carly and my people listened to the computer thing make noises. The next morning, the two of them went out again, and I got scared they wouldn't come back again, but Carly left her suitcase here so I thought she'd have to come back for that if nothing else. Eventually they did, only to leave very shortly afterword. When the car they'd left in came back, only my people came inside. Carly was gone. She must have a home somewhere else and decided to go back to it. I haven't been in the bathroom since, but I've noticed that my people seems a little different than when he left...
My people wants to tell you about his trip to see his mommy in Alaska, but this is a blog about kittens, not people. I don't even know what Alaska is! He says they did a lot of shopping, whatever that means, and that they had a good time visiting with family and doing a lot of memorable things like visiting a huge building made of ice, swimming in a stinky hot spring, exploring a gold-mining site, riding a riverboat, touching dead animals and their fur and seeing the house where some people named Santa Claws lives. I don't know what most of that even means, so I'll leave you to figure it out if you want to. I think my own adventures sound far more interesting, personally, but that's just me.


  1. Ming, kittie. You didn't have to be scared. Your people is good people. He wouldn't just leave you.

    But try to be nicer to Kara, OK? Getting locked in the bathroom every day is not a good way to live.

  2. It's not my fault Kara's old and grumpy. I'm only trying to play with her! Why won't she just loosen up a little and have a wrestle?

    I've never been locked in the bathroom when it's light out. I got shut in there again last night for a little while, but let out again later. I think it's because when I chase Kara she's often quite loud in yelling at me. Maybe it makes it difficult for my people to sleep sometimes...though the amount of noise he makes when he sleeps sometimes, I'm surprised he could hear a thing! For a little while I was curious about why the bathroom thing started when Carly was here, but I think I might have figured it out. She's quieter when sleeping than my people is, and I think we were keeping her awake with our antics. I guess her cats don't make quite so much noise. Probably Carly and my people talked about it, and in the interest of Carly getting a bit more sleep and me not chasing Kara anymore my people decided it was the best thing. I'm not sure I agree with him anymore, even though I used to not care at all...but hopefully it's going to stop soon. Either Kara will get used to me or my people will. I don't think I'm going to change.

  3. Sounds like your people had a great adventure whilst he was out and about with Carly!

    Ming, ask your people to spend lots of time petting and playing with Kara in the same room as you. You need to learn that other cats can have attention from your people and it doesn't mean that you are being pushed out. Don't worry it can take a young kitten a while to learn good cat-to-cat manners. You will learn this by seeing Kara get attention first, as she's older, she knows the right manners. She just needs your people to keep an eye on your young cat ways. This is how our apes taught young bro' Gerry manners, he was much too boisterous with the older cats first. You won't learn much if you are in the bathroom!

    Whicky Wuudler

  4. I've only ever been in the bathroom when my people is trying to snore. If he's awake, I'm never in the bathroom. And he does pet Kara a lot, cuddles her on the bed thing, and actually seems to go out of his way to love her more than me. I come to him for cuddles and he's happy enough to give them, but Kara doesn't even have to do that. I don't mean her any harm, I just don't want to be forgotten...and a bit of play with her would also be nice.