Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Catching Up

I haven't written in the last few days because life hasn't been too interesting day by day. I think it's high time I said something though. If you think hard enough you'll always find something to say.
First of all, the screen. It's a wonderful thing, great for climbing. I did it again a few days ago, but got scared when I reached the top and didn't know how to get down. Luckily my people pulled me off and gave me a cuddle, but every time I go back over there he scolds me. I'll go up when he's not paying attention sometime, maybe...but never that high again!
Speaking of heights and stuff, I'm getting very good at jumping! I can leap from the back of my people's chair cleanly onto his couch...the people says this is about a four-foot jump. I can also leap from the couch to the back of the chair if I'm lucky, though sometimes I don't make it all the way and have to use my people's arm for support. I love to jump, it's great fun.
I've been trying to leave Kara alone more lately, but she still grumps and my people still gets upset. I don't know what that old lady's problem is! Can't she loosen up? My people says he's going to try something he calls "herbal", and I hope it's not nasty-smelling or nasty-tasting like those pills turned out to be. Speaking of pills, I don't have to take any anymore, and no more of those stinky washings! I guess he feels that the ringworm is gone.
A lot of other cats seem to have pictures up. My people doesn't see them because his eyes don't seem to work. I ought to try and talk to him about putting a picture of me up here just so you can see what a nice guy I am. I'm not stupid enough to call myself beautiful, only girl cats do that, but I don't think I look half bad. Pretty much all black with big feet and big ears and a cute little nose, and a couple of tiny gray rings round my tail. You can't get a picture of my mews though...I think that's my best quality. I don't sound all squeaky when I mew anymore; I can really shout when I want to, and I'm entertaining my people by talking to him when he tries to talk cat back to me. He mixes up his words and makes funny noises. I'm highly amused.
I'll write more when other interesting things happen. Until then, thanks for reading and paying me some attention.

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  1. Ming, kittie, sometimes older cats are just cranky grumps. You could try grooming or cuddling with Kara, if she will let you. Maybe she would be nicer to you after that.