Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tortureshell Tuesday?

I don't know what a tortureshell is, or even a tortie. I don't have a shell, I have fur. And what I did isn't exactly torture, but my people says it's okay, so here comes my entry.
My people has a high flat place in his kitchen that he calls a counter, though what he counts on it I don't know. Food goes up there though, and lately I've been getting curious about it. What if he left food up there and didn't pay me any mind for awhile? Maybe I could jump up there and have me a little nibble!
Well, I got my chance! Yesterday my people made food and left some on the counter. I've always been a good kitten and not jumped up on the counter before, so he thought he was safe. He went into the bathroom and sat on the thing next to the tub, and I ran into the kitchen and did a bit of looking. When I realized my people wasn't coming out any time soon, I made a bold leap, found the food and started eating. It was so tasty that when my people came out I didn't even bother to stop! I just looked over my shoulder at him and grinned my cute little kittenish grin. I soon went back on the floor, but I'm still licking my lips at the thought of all that yummy food!
People, watch out! Now that I know I can get up on the counter, you can't leave food out anymore if you don't want me to eat it! This gives me all sorts of ideas about high places...

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