Friday, October 22, 2010

Another Yvette

It's been awhile since I told you how I've been doing. Mostly that's because life's been ordinary...chasing Kara from time to time, eating, sleeping, having my belly rubbed, playing with balls and little stuffed toys that smell sort of funny...but now something has happened that you all need to know about. I went back to Yvette's house.
Perhaps I should start at the beginning. It was early, my people was still asleep, and the Carly or telephone or whatever it is rang. He talked to it while half-asleep, then opened a door and pulled out a little box with a door on it. I knew what that meant, but he must have forgotten why he got it out because the next thing I knew he was in the kitchen, looking as if he was about to give me some food. I rubbed his ankles and started mewing, and suddenly he picked me up! This isn't too out of the ordinary, but as he carried me back into the bigger room I realized that he hadn't forgotten the cage after all. In I went, head-first. I tried to squirm and get away but I didn't have the heart to hurt him. It didn't take him very long to get me in there and shut the door. I tried to get out, but it was no good. It doesn't matter how big you are, there's no getting out of this particular box. A little while later the loud thing rang again and my person talked to it. Then he picked up the cage by a handle on its top, went outside the apartment and toward the front door where I'd run out so very long ago. There was a lady there...she didn't look like Yvette did, as far as I remember, and my people didn't call her by that name either. He gave her the cage, then gave her some papery stuff with pictures and symbols on it, and she left while my people went back inside.
The next little while is very confusing. I went in a car I'd never been in - I've learned that friggintrucks are far bigger than cars, and this thing was small - and we moved along with other cars for awhile. Then we got to a building and the lady took me into it. I knew by the smell that it must be Yvette's house after all, but when they took me out of my cage it didn't look the same. None of the people were the same, not even the animals were the same! At least I didn't have to deal with another dog-kitten though. Anyway, they petted me and fussed over me for a bit, and then poked me with something sharp. The next thing I really remember is lying on a soft thing in my cage, feeling as if I was spinning around and around. I felt strange, as if something had been done to me. I couldn't see what it was, and my body felt all fuzzy and warm. I couldn't get out of the cage and I didn't really mind for awhile. I just lay there, purring contentedly to myself and wondering what was happening. Eventually someone picked up the cage, and a moment later I was back outside. One car ride later, I was back with my people again. The car ride had awakened me a little and I had the decency to cry for awhile at the strange treatment I was getting. My people took me into his little house and let me out of my cage. I went looking for food right felt like I hadn't eaten in ages. I couldn't find any food though, my people must have hidden it. He kept telling me, "Ming, don't jump", but I don't really know why. I just wanted to see him, to headbutt his head and his hands as he sat in his chair, but he must have gotten worried or annoyed or something because he put me in the bathroom for a little while, with a litterbox and a bowl of water but no food. I promptly fell asleep in the bathtub...I love the bathtub! When I awoke next the door was open and I could smell food! I saw that it was dark outside - his big flappy curtains were open a little, enough so that I could see that much - so I must have been asleep for quite awhile. I still felt a bit odd, but set to my food with a will and then curled up for more sleep.
Today has been pretty calm. I feel mostly like my old self again, but there's this little sore place down between my back legs that itches sometimes. I've licked at it a time or two, but it doesn't seem to do any good so I don't think I'll keep doing that. That must have been Yvette's doing, though what she actually did I have no idea. I'm eating, drinking, using my box and very pleased with myself for being a good kitten.
(Human's note: The neutering went very well and with no apparent complications. I was told to make sure Ming got no food just after coming home, but as my older cat had already gone the night before without any kibble, I decided it was best to put Ming in the bathroom for a brief while during the time where he was still sleepy and probably wouldn't mind. I let him out just after midnight - I'd been told I could feed him anytime after nine but dozed off while reading - and he went straight for the dish. Being blind, I'm going to have to get someone to pop over a time or two in the next few days to see whether licking has left the surgery site red or inflamed, but other than that, I'm just glad that everything went well.)


  1. Babycat, don't keep licking at that sore spot. It's never a good idea to lick at a sore place after you've been to see evette. If you do that too much, you can almost certainly expect a second trip back there. There's no point in that, is there? Just leave it be and it will stop being sore in a few days. Oh, the human says you're to stop chasing the big cat though. To be honest, I agree. She'd probably be much more fun to snuggle with anyway, and think of the energy you're wasting with all that running when you could be sleeping in a sun puddle! Priorities, young man, priorities. i'm pleased to see you have the food bit right though.

  2. I haven't licked much at it...only from time to time to see what's wrong. It tasted a little funny the first time I tried, and it still doesn't feel quite right. I'm back to hopping and running around like I used to though, but I'll try to take your "don't chase Kara" advice to heart. She won't even let me cuddle her though! Stupid old grumpy cat! My human says I'm healing properly.

  3. Ming, you're getting to be a mancat now. Just take it easy for a few days, and moan and cry every chance to get to make your human feel sorry for you.

    Tia's right, you want to leave that sore spot alone or you're get trouble. But we all know that is hard to do. That spot feels different and probably a little sore. But try, please.

  4. Hey, Ming and people, how you doing?

    Just thought we'd check in and wish you all a Merry Christmas.