Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 10 - A Beautiful Morning for Screens!

August 10

The big ball of hot light hasn't been here for long, and my person is awake! I woke him up by jumping on his head, then running away and finding something to rattle when he tried to touch me. My circle thing with the bell makes a lot of noise when I run fast, so I ran fast for awhile, too! He's making loud talking noises and rubbing his eyes a lot. I think he's glad to be awake, just like me.

It's been a couple of days since anything really interesting has happened. There was one time where my people went away for a long time and came back with lots of food, then went away again and smelled like smoke and something he called beer. He went into that tub thing and poured water and smelly stuff all over himself for awhile, and he smelled like normal when he came out. I don't know why peoples do this thing. Their own smell goes away and they probably wouldn't be able to know each other by sniffing anymore. Then again, people smell bad sometimes, like just after they eat things that kittens can't eat, so maybe it's good that they get rid of their smells. Come to think of it, I've never seen people sniff each other. I wonder why?

There's something outside that rough claw-catching thing that sounds very strange. It buzzes and hisses, and I can't get at it! I wonder what it looks like, how it tastes, if it would play with me or if it would crunch if I bit it. That rough claw-catching thing is a bit scary though. My people calls it a screen. It blocks a big hole in the wall near his big soft thing - he calls it either a bed or a futon, I'm not sure which it is - but if I jump at it or try to scratch it, sometimes my feet get stuck on it and I have to pull really hard to get away. Is it alive and trying to eat me? I don't think so, because it never moves on its own. It definitely doesn't seem too fun to play with. If it wasn't there, though, I could go out of that big hole and find the buzzing hissing thing. I guess I could've found it when I was out last week, but I didn't think of it. I was too busy wondering where I was and being scared that the big moving wall would never open up again to play. This time, though, if I had a big space to run back to if I got scared, and if I knew my people was near me, it might be fun to try. I know that this screen thing can move...it makes a loud noise when it does, though. When he came home with food, he brought it in from the little place just outside his screen by pushing it open and stepping out through the hole. There was a big car or friggintruck outside waiting though, and I was scared of it, so I didn't run out past my person's legs. One of these days, though...

I wonder what those chirpy things are outside. They make a lot more noise than the buzzing hissing thing. I think I've heard my people call them jays or birds. Would they play with a kitten? I've been able to see them by looking through my people's screen, and they can flap parts of them and move through the air without walking! I wish I could do that! Maybe I'll try one day.

I notice that these loud floating things wake up very early, before that big hot light is as big and hot as it gets later on. I want my people to enjoy the bird-jays with me! I think tomorrow maybe I'll wake him up when they wake up. Besides, if he makes more noises at me and tries to go back to sleep, it'll serve him right for putting this loud circle thing on my neck!

I'm going to go explore that screen while my people is distracted eating his food, I think. Maybe he won't notice and I'll learn how to make it move.


  1. Ahah, so you're the kitten who escaped that my human was so worried about. Well, young man, it's about time you had a talking to. My name is Tia, and thanks to my human owning your people, I guess your upbringing falls somewhat to me. The human tells me the other cat doesn't want to take you on, and after your escape, I can't say that I blame her. Ok, words of wisdom. Firstly, the circle thing is called a collar. Peoples put them on cats to stop us getting lost (as if we needed help not to). I'd advise scratching at it really hard, looking distressed and crying as it usually makes them take it off, but if the people did that, you'd probably manage to escape again, and to be frank with you, I don't want to put out the effort of calming my human every time she worries about you. Let me give you some advice, and trust me, you'd do well to remember this. Peoples feed you, and your people will feed you more nicer things than anyone else. This means you stay close to him. Play, yes. Cause mischief, yes. hide, do whatever you want, but keep the people in sight at all times. If they can't see you, it's so easy for them to forget to feed you, and you must avoid that at all costs. Even kittens need to learn this, and I'm sad to say that your training is lacking here. Take this to heart, otherwise you won't be taking it to stomach, and bellies are what matters in this world.

  2. Tia! You're the Tia-kitten my people has mentioned! I know you. I didn't know the circle was a collar though; and I don't know why peoples think they need words for things like that. You use a lot of people words...are you trying to be a people?
    Don't worry about me. One escape might have been enough for me. The hard hot world is huge!
    Is food and humans and boys all you care about? I like to play, to find new things to pounce and to make noises at. I like peoples too, and food of course...but boys? No thanks!

  3. Babycat, if you liked boys, I'd be more concerned about you than I already am, were such a thing possible. I use people words because, sadly, if we are to train the people, and I'm doing this with my human at the moment, then we need to know their words. Peoples are slow-witted animals sadly, so we need to make efforts to communicate with them on their level, as demeaning as that is. The big cat you live with probably knows just as many people words. you should ask her about it in between the yelling times. Have you caught a bird yet? They're the things that walk through the air. They can be fun. When you're training your people to hunt, you should always try and bring one of these home for him. They make a lot of noise when a bird gets in the people house, but they do get it in the end. Only problem, though, is that they're usually too stupid to keep hold of it once they have it, and the silly things never eat it. Still though, if you're committed to training, start here.