Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 6 - Feet, Explorations in the Trash, and a Collar! Oh...and a fire alarm, whatever that is...

August 6

There's something special about feet. You can lay on them, bite them, tickle them and get kicked by them. Wonderful things they are. I'm laying on my people's foot right now, purring so hard I bet the rest of him is purring too!

It's been nice since coming back into the people's home. He pets me and talks to me and feeds me good food, and I sleep near him when he lays on the big soft thing at night and rumbles in his nose. His other cat - he calls her Kara but that's not her name - doesn't like me much. She snorts and growls at me if I try to talk to her or introduce myself. She's huge and hairy! I wish she liked me. I wish she'd play with me.

I found a paper tunnel yesterday! It was all rolled up in a plastic hard thing the people calls a garbage can, next to what he calls his computer stand. I saw it and thought it might be fun to get it. So I got it and I made it bigger by batting at it, and it was a tunnel! I crawled in and started rolling, but I couldn't find the other end! My people pulled me out, I think he thought he was rescuing me! I bit him for not understanding. Maybe he'll get it next time. I love love love paper tunnels! And it smelled like old food! A bitter spicy smell with a bread smell underneath...people food, but kittens must eat.

All my people did yesterday was lie around most of the day. His humming box with hard wires in the back - he calls it a computer, but that's just a silly people word - was making talk almost the whole time. How is a kitten to sleep with all that racket? My people seemed interested in whatever his computer was saying while he lay on his big soft thing, so I lay with him and tried to distract him by playing with his fingers and purring as hard as I could. Then I got bored and rolled around in the big steel box with no top...sometimes there's water that comes showering down into it when my people steps into it and pulls the curtain shut. He calls that box a tub. The tub is a bit scary when there's water going into it, but when it's dry it makes lots of bonging noises and is fun to play in. I don't know why my people is so caught up in his computer instead of in me. He's also really interested in the Carly...you know, that little hard thing he holds up to his ear and makes noises at? Carly had better like me. She hasn't shown it yet. All the Carly does is stay still in my people's hand and occasionally make little noises that my people responds to by making noises of his own...usually much louder. The Carly is boring so far.

A little while after the big ball of hot light came up this morning, there was a lot of high beeping sounds from the ceiling. My people said it was a fire alarm test. I don't know what fire is, and I don't know what an alarm is either. All I know is that the beeping really really hurt! I cried. My people held me and petted me and eventually the beeping stopped. I really don't like noises like that. I hope they never come back.

I saved the worst for last though. My people has put a little circle around my neck with a noise-making round thing on it. Whenever I run fast or jump or shake my head, the noise-making thing is loud, and my people can find me. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it! I'm not going to run away again...once was scary enough! Why does he have to make me not silent? Why do I have to have a circle thing around my neck? It feels strange, like it might choke me if it got tighter. It's always there, I can't get rid of it. Kittens were meant to be free! They weren't meant to wear little circles around their necks that made noise! If I can't get rid of it myself as I get older, I might have to get very angry. My people won't like me if I'm angry. I have sharp teeth. I have sharp claws. And most of all, I'm faster than he is. I really hope it doesn't come to that, but this collar, as he calls it, has to go.

I have to go too. Maybe I'll get rid of the stupid collar if I roll enough in the tub. Maybe I can rub it off. Either way, rolling and play sounds fun, and writing doesn't, so I'm done.


  1. Ming, if you move slow and careful, that collar won't make TOO much noise. Then when you are really, really close to one of people's ears, shake your head real fast, and the noisy collar will make a lot of noise really quickly. You do that enough times, maybe your people will get tired of getting surprised and make the collar quieter for you.

  2. He's actually gone and made it even louder! I must have figured out this trick of yours because he still had trouble finding me sometimes...the other day, when I went to Yvette, he changed the ringy thing - a bell, is it? - on my collar so now it makes a lot of noise. Now he won't have trouble finding me, but he will have trouble sleeping. He fiddled with the collar a little though; it was tighter before than it is now. If I really really tried, maybe I could get away...