Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 3 - At Long Last...Hello, World!

August 3

He finally gets it! All this ankle-rubbing and grumble-mewing...he finally gets it! He's going to use that humming thing with loud no-face human voice and hard play-strings in the back to tell you all about me!

I'm Ming. That's what he calls me anyway. Peoples couldn't make the proper sounds of my real name, but Ming will do for now. It's funny to hear peoples with big voices try to sound like kittens. If I could laugh I'd laugh.

Peoples use walls to keep us places. Sometimes they make the walls move and then they stop moving, so you have to be quick if you want to go where they don't want you to go. My people did that the other day and I got scared because the wall closed and he was still inside while I was outside. He must not have heard me asking to come back in again, so I wandered away to see if any other walls would move and give me food and ear-rubs. It was a big empty place where meowing came back and little feet make no noise. Lots of smells, food smells and people smells and people-building smells too. Then I saw a wall I could see through! There should be more of those because then you know where you can go even if the wall is closed. I got through the wall, only to find another one behind it, but I was quick and got through that one too. After that the hard sky was gone and the air was always moving. More smells, bad smells that made me sneeze. No food either, just hard ground with no carpets and big rolling loud things on wheels...I think I've heard my people call them cars, but they might be trains or friggintrucks too. I hoped my people would come find me, because being in that big open place was scary and I didn't know how to find the wall to open up and bring me back to him. Also I was hungry, and grass tastes like dirt. Not nice dirt either.

I must have gotten really scared because I don't remember everything. The next thing I knew I was hiding under a friggintruck or car or something that wasn't moving or making more bad smells, feeling very sorry for myself and crying because no one was nice enough to bring me food. Then a female people came, with a big hairy thing on a leash. I was even more scared, but she looked like she might pet me, so I crept out and she picked me up and brought me back inside the people-place and knocked on the wall. And when the wall opened my people was there! He took me from the female people and put me on his shoulder. I yelled at him by purring in his ear. He just smiled. He wouldn't have smiled if he'd known what I was telling him. I wish peoples could understand us more. He closed the wall, got me food and let me eat. Food has never tasted that good! That didn't stop me from trying to nip some chicken from him when he wasn't looking though.

Speaking of looking, I don't know if my people can look properly. His eyes move funny and sometimes when he tries to find me he stands still and wiggles his unsharp claws for me to come instead of being able to just walk to me. I know I wouldn't want to not see, so most of the time I stay close to him and make noises when he might step on me or kick me. He loves to touch me, and I love nibbles and battings with feet and teeth. I'm glad my people likes to play, even if he doesn't see me.

I've decided people are crazy. They tap on things with their unsharp claws. They hold hard things in their hands up near their heads and talk to themselves. Sometimes if I'm on my people's lap I can hear little voices coming from the hard thing. I don't know lots about people talk, but he says Carly a lot when this hard thing is in his hand. Maybe the hard thing is called Carly. Maybe Carly will learn to pet me and love me one day. Maybe I can nibble on her too!

Food smells good! I have to eat, even if I only ate a little while ago. I'll tell my people we can write more later, once I've had some eating and sleeping and petting and playing.


  1. You had quite the adventure, Ming. Glad the people who found you knew where you belonged.

  2. Ming, yoo certainly had a scary time afore yoo gots inside! We hope yoo stay there, its safer although the smells outside is pawsome too.