Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August 24 - Terrible Two Days!

What a terrible two days! My people has a lot of explaining to do.

Yesterday morning another people - a female - came over and was moving things around a lot, using a big machine that sucked up the stuff on my people's rug. He has one too, but it's not this big or loud or scary! I ran and hid because I didn't want to be sucked up along with the dust and hair. After awhile the female started using water on things, and some sort of stinky stuff she called shampoo for the carpet. My people puts shampoo on me and then this other people puts it on the rug. It's all very confusing. It made the rug cleaner in the end though, so I guess it must be all right. The people turned on a little thing that makes noise - music, he calls it, but I don't know what that's supposed to mean, still! - and he helped the female out while she was moving things around. After a little while though, the female took me into the little room with the tub and shut the door! A minute later, the big cat came in and the door was shut again! It wasn't very nice being in a small place with that other cat. She didn't like me much, and kept growling at me when I tried to introduce myself. I thought she might calm down, but she didn't. Why does it seem that everyone I try to like - except maybe my people - hates me or does mean things to me? It's not fair! I had to stay in that little room for quite awhile, and then we were let out. Worse was to come though: my people and the female left me on my own with Kara all night! I don't know where he went or why he left me alone...maybe he hates me too.

When my people came back today, he brought the female again and they started doing the same things over again. A little while later, the female called Scoot showed up and started helping them do whatever it was they were doing. A lot of noise and water and strong-smelling stuff...my people said it was "thorough cleaning", but I thought it was a lot of effort for nothing. Both Kara and I were being pretty much ignored the whole time, no matter how I mewed and tried explaining how darling a cuddle might be to interrupt their work. Even my people wouldn't stop and pet me most of the time, and kept telling me to "go away". So I tried. Sometimes the peoples had to open the screen to go outside, bringing stuff in or taking other stuff out, and I tried getting outside a couple of times. I didn't want to go far, I really didn't! I just wanted people to realize that I was important too, and that they couldn't just lock me in a little room with a cat who hates me, chase me with a big loud sucking thing and move everything around in the apartment without expecting me to do something about it. I never did get out, and I didn't try as hard as I could have, but I'm really tempted. If it wasn't for this stupid bell on my neck, I might be able to sneak away from my people for a little while. Maybe even hiding somewhere in the apartment for awhile will be enough to get him to see a little sense. I'm tired of being ignored and of peoples treating me badly, especially -my people.

The apartment smells a bit funny, but it's definitely cleaner, even to me. The people seems very tired and worn-out, and went into the tub first thing after Scoot and the other female - I think her name might be Penny - left in their friggintrucks. All this moving and noise and stress makes me hungry. It's a nip for me, then perhaps a hiding attempt. But shh...my people isn't supposed to know!


  1. That sounds like a horribul day, Ming. Really, the least they could do is stop and cuddle the kittie once in a while.

  2. Poor Ming, the ways of peoples are very hard for young cats to understand. Be assured Ming, no one hates you, you have to give people a bit of a break, they aren't that bright and they can only concentrate on one thing at a time. If you hide up for a bit (try and look really pitiful - big eyes, hunch up) then your people will feel enormously guilty and give you lots of treats and love. Use the silent miaow if you have to.

    Hope there's no more cleaning and you and Kara enjoy scenting up your home again

    Whicky Wuudler

  3. Wow, babycat. Even I feel sorry for you, and that's saying something. My human is well trained. She only does the cleaning a little bit at a time, and only with me there to snoopervise the goings on. I even watch her when she cooks, just to make sure it's not fish time. But still. How they expect you to snoopervise when they lock you in a small room!

    I don't get why they're cleaning the carpet either. It just means more work for you and Cara to fur it up again. You're going to have to rub lots and roll around to get your smell back on things again.

    It's not good though. Your people shouldn't go a whole minute, let alone a day, without cuddling you, and especially not when you miaow. Something's got to be done about this, and I don't like the something that my mind is telling me is the right and kind thing to do. If I do it, Babycat, you owe me big time, probably for the rest of your life, in fact. I'm going to give it one more day. In that day, train your people. Make headway with him. If you need help, I'm here, and Whicky's suggestions are good ones. The more pitiful you look, the better the results.