Saturday, August 21, 2010

August 21 - Post Box Music

August 21 - Post Music Box

I forgot to mention, I think, that my people brought home a strange thing the day I went out in the friggintruck. He brought it inside when he brought the box with a cage door inside and he put it on the floor before taking me and putting me in the box and leaving. I've figured out what it is! It's what the people calls a scratching-post! It's got little ridges in it, and smells a little funny. It sits in a hard plastic thing that keeps it on a slant, and in behind it there's a furry ball thing on a bouncy springy thing, and the ball has a bell stuck to it...I can see the little shiny thing so I know it's a bell this time. I don't know whether I like the springy puffy ballbell or the post better. I can scratch the post, you see, and I really like doing that...but I've managed to work the spring thing loose, and it's oh so fun to chase! I batted it into the little room where my people washes himself and he stepped on it this morning when he went in there. I think I surprised him. Heard him say something like, "How'd this get in here? Didn't know it could come off...", which must mean something about how proud he was of me for playing with the toy he got for me. The big cat doesn't want anything to do with it though. That's okay...this toy is mine.

My people cleaned my box this morning. This isn't anything special, he uses the scoop thing every day to make sure nothing yucky stays there very long...but I've realized something. Why is it that whenever he's over there, I feel as if I have to be in the box? I don't fully understand. I went in there as my people was getting up, did what I had to do and then left. A very short time later my people went over there to clean it, and suddenly I had the strongest urge to give him another little present like I did last week. He kept nudging me out of the way though, telling me to wait. It was hard, all that waiting. He's not too fast at scooping because he tries to get every bit of nastiness out, and sometimes we cats bury it very very well. As soon as my people took the stinky bag away, I went back in the box and used it again. At least it smells like me. Hey...maybe smell has something to do with it. Hmm...

The sun is high in the sky as my people helps me write this. His computer thing is humming a lot, and it's fairly hot today. There's another people outside somewhere, but I can't see him or smell him. I can hear him though...he's making weird wheezy song sounds somehow. My people says it's an accordion, and that it's music...whatever that means. The sound is annoying, even to my people, and I don't hear any mews. Ick!


  1. Ming,
    Your scratchy post sounds like a verreh fun one.

    I came in My House when I was a Big ManCat with Big Manly Cat...well, nevermind that part(s). Even after I had my Pre-Employment physical and the evil vet did certain Things that I don't care to discuss I am rather aggresive, and I like to leave liquid calling cards in the corners. It disturbs my fur siblings when I fight and Mommy gives me a pill every day which helps me remember to play nice and use the litterbox. The pill is much better than living outdoors and starving, let me tell you!
    The lesson here is take your pill like a young ManCat, sometimes the silly People DO know best.

  2. Sometimes they know best, Maui, but sometimes not. As he's young and impressionable, it's best to teach him that the peoples are stupid right off, then give him the added bonus that they sometimes know things, eh? Wouldn't want him growing up with the impression that peoples are smart enough to know what's best for us all the time.


  3. I think young Ming has done well - he's trained his human to bring home good things like the scratching post and his work during litter box cleaning is genius!

    Tia, you are a hard task mistress!


    *runs away sniggering*

  4. Whicky, Whicky, Whicky! If you make me move my old, ahem, I mean mature, bones to come swat you for your impudence, you'll be sorry! All that chasing of ping pong balls has built my stamina up, you know. In any case, I know that's just your way of saying you like me, right?

    In fairness, the babycat is learning, yes, although, and this said out of his hearing, for I don't want to hurt his feelings, I did tell my human to tell his people that a scratching post might be a good idea. *clears throat* Yes, babycat, you're doing all right, and will continue to as long as you remember the advice given.

  5. To the mancat who needs pills to be nice: I hope that never happens to me. I don't ever want to be mean, not unless I have no choice. I definitely don't have bit cat...whatever you were going to say yet, and I don't feel I have to do what you do in order to call this place home. It's home all right. It's maybe different because I only ever went outside once, and didn't live there very long...the moving-wall and friggintruck incident.

    I hope the people's other cat, Kara, uses the scratching-post sometimes. She's never had one, probably because my people didn't see her scratching enough to mean she needed or even wanted one, but then I came along and now we both like a good scratch now and then.

    At least that accordion people thing has stopped now, anyway...

  6. Hi Ming. How old are yoo, are yoo still a baby kitty, er, a young man kitty? Take da pill guy, our sisfur who went to da Bridge hadded dat ringworm stuff and mom put stinky smelling powder on her and it was awful! Trust us, a pill is better den stinky powder any day.

  7. I was born when it was a bit colder and wet. My people says I'm about eighteen weeks old, whatever that means. Powder, stinky or not, sounds disgusting. I'll just take my pills and hopefully the people will eventually realize there's nothing to worry about.