Friday, August 13, 2010

August 13 - Long Nights, Longer Mornings...

August 13 - Long Nights, Longer Mornings

I like early mornings. The big hot ball of light comes up, the birds start making noises, and my people tries to sleep. My collar makes extra noise, and so do I. I want him to wake up with me! Actually, I want him to know how angry I am at this collar thing, but shh...he doesn't know that. Two mornings ago he didn't sleep like he was supposed to, so the birds were singing just as he was stretching out on his futon-bed. I showed him just how much I loved him. By the end of it, I could see him putting his paws in his eyes a lot, and I took pity on him and started playing with a ball instead. I don't know when he finally went to sleep, but it was probably awhile.

I did the same thing this morning, but not for so long. I wish I was cruel like some cats, and some peoples too, but I'm not. I want cuddles more than I want him to enjoy birds. I fell asleep before he did, purring near his pillow. I hope my purring tells him all it's supposed to tell him. All he usually does is make an "Oh, Ming" noise. I'm Ming, but what's an oh?

The people's big cat, Kara according to him, doesn't like me very much. Whenever I go near her, she yells at me! I don't understand it...all I want to do is say hi and ask her if she wants to play in the tub or something, and then she's hissing and grumbling at me. She keeps telling me she'll bite my ears! My ears are tender, and it would hurt if she bited them! Why do other animals have to be so mean?

I've heard my people talking to the Carly about something he calls a vet. I think I know that word, but I don't hear it too often, so I'm not sure if it means going inside a big thing on wheels, like a friggintruck, or if it's that strange people who puts sharp things in me and touches me under lights. Either way, it might be an adventure if he means to vet me. He's saying Monday, but he has also said something about a job interview on Monday, and I have no idea what that is...just people talk. I hear the words, but that doesn't mean they have to make sense. They should mew instead. Life would be easier that way.

There's a big bowl with tasty things in it that's practically begging me to go eat a bit of it. Maybe I'll come back and have my people write more later on. He didn't wake up very long ago, so he's still sleepy and not talking much.

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  1. An "Oh" is what people say when they are expressing love or surprise! Sometimes they say it when they have discovered something they are not pleased about. That something might be a pile of cat sick or a hairball on their pillow.

    Whicky Wuudler