Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August 25 - Scafflaw: Ming vs. People in The Chase

I think finally I might understand this Scafflaw thing. And in light of my new knowledge, I did what I could.

Scafflaw: Don't leave home

And oh how I broke that one today...though, to be fair, it wasn't nearly as bad as the other time I did it.

Someone knocked on my people's moving wall door thing a little while ago. When he opened it to talk to whoever was there, I zipped past his ankles before he could catch me. The stranger only wanted to drop off a little flat thing my people later called a "padded envelope", and soon enough my people was in hot pursuit of me. I wasn't aiming for the wall you can see through, the one that opens onto the outside...I was just running up and down the hall. My bell was jingling and every so often I'd mew to let my people know I was just having fun. He's not as fast as I am, but he's bigger and he's probably smarter too. Eventually I ran into a long hall that had no way out, and he chased me to where I had no exits. I tried to jump and he caught me. Game over. I led him a good chase though. Maybe this will pay him back for all the rotten things he's done to me lately.

I've come to realize that getting outside can be very dangerous for a kitten like me, but surely the hall can't hurt. Here's a law that I might keep breaking since the game was so fun!


  1. Young Ming, this is brilliant work. A big rule, openly flouted. Very well done. It's good to scare your person now and again, it reminds them that you are in charge. Also you had that horrid trip to the vet, all the cleaning, so todays outing was a bit of compensation for you.

    Very well done

    Whicky Wuudler

  2. The hallway seems like a good rule to break! Maybe not outside just yet.

    So nice to meet you!

  3. Nice to meet you too! The hallway's as far as I want to go...outside is scary!