Friday, August 20, 2010

August 20 - Pills and Balls

Thank you to Tia and the Lee County Clowder for telling me what pills were. I ate my first one yesterday and my second this morning. I don't think I like them too much, but they're not as bad as you made them seem, Tia. Just a little hard thing that tastes funny. The worst part was how my people made me swallow it! I would've eaten it on my own, honestly I would have! I bit his finger this morning because he was a little too rough. The pills make me feel a little funny, but my people says they're to get rid of my ringworm, whatever that is, and I know he wouldn't give me pills without a reason. Yvette must have her reasons too. I wonder how long a month is. That's how long I have to eat pills for. I hope it's over tomorrow.

My people brought home new toys a couple of days ago! He must have hidden them when he came home the day Scoot got me all wet and put shampoo in my fur, but I found them two days ago when it was dark out. There are little balls with bells in them, and lots of soft stuffy things that make me sneeze. I think I'm going to leave the stuffy things alone, since I've already got a couple of those I can chew on and cuddle with. The balls are great fun though. They roll and jingle and they beg me to pounce them! I can never keep them still though...they roll away and I have to chase, or else they might never come back. Oh, there's one now! I can see it from where I'm laid out on my people's feet. It's near the corner of that big thing he calls a table, and it's not moving. If I'm really quiet, or really quick, maybe I can get it...


  1. Oh, babycat, balls are fantastic! I particularly like the ping pong ones. They're lighter, and they don't make that awful, awful noise when you whap them. They're better to stalk too. Yes, you're right. If you're silent, they'll never know you're coming. I like to take a mad run at them though. I tried the sneaky approach, but they still ran away as soon as I smacked them. If you run, you might be able to beat them with speed alone! People legs make good hiding spots to ambush from if you go behind them. Also, if you climb up them, you can jump on the balls from above. Do this with claws out for better scrabble-hold. One final word. Pills are nasty! This you'll learn fully as you grow. Trust me.

  2. Do pills taste worse when you get old? Is that why you don't like them? If so, I hope I never get old.
    People legs are great ambushing spots, even for other cats! I prefer to jump from other places than my people though, because Yvette cut my claws and they're not too sharp right now. Besides, when I climb him roughly, he tends to make a loud noise and then it's hard to get close to him for awhile. I've been running around playing chase with bell-balls for most of the late morning now, while my people has been trying to sleep and while his computer thing has been talking at him while he lays in his bed. If the thing inside these balls is like the thing on my collar, I guess it's a bell; that's the word I've heard for it, anyway.

  3. Old? how very dare you! I'm mature, not old, and very wise because of it! Remember this. Those things probably are bells in the balls. My human has some like that for me, but I leave them for mummycat. I don't much like them.

  4. Ming, different pills taste different. Some are not TOO bad, but Luna was taking one for a while that tasted TERRIBLE! Very bitter. The Food Source finally had to rub the pills on her ears, and let her absorb them that way.

  5. Ask the people to get some Pill Pockets from Yvette (Yvette sells them in the UK as they are quite new here) This will mean no more giant human fingers hurting your throat, you can eat the pill pocket and the pill. Humans can squirt 1ml of water into your mouth after the pill is put in to help you swallow the pill.

    Tia will probably tell me off now for encouraging you to take your pills. That Tia is very strict hehe!

    Whicky Wuudler

  6. Strict? No, she's just an older cat. They think they have to be strict. Kittens play, older cats tell everyone what to do. I wonder if people are like this too...
    I don't mind the pills so much. They're small and don't taste bad, but those pill pocket things sound like they might actually be tasty! Maybe I'll have some one day. My people is really nice to me, gives me a treat if I eat my pill so it's not all bad.

    Tia, you're not old for a cat, but you're very old compared to me. I don't know numbers well, but you've not been a kitten for a long long time, which makes you old to me. And I guess you're wise too. All older cats are wise.
    Or at least they think they are...but shhh!

  7. Babycat, all older cats are wise. We don't just think we are. Compared to you kittens, we know a lot. But I promised myself and my human I'd be nice to you, so I won't harp on that particular angle for too long. Whicky, you really shouldn't teach children by a bad example. Didn't I say I wanted to see this kitten raised correctly? Showing him that pills might be good really isn't the way to start that off. I can se eI'm fighting a losing battle here. Ming, just remember, if you do everything they want, your hopes of training your people to a high standard such as mine holds, go out the window.

  8. Ack! Little Ming, pills are No Fun...I have to get one every day! To keep me happy. But getting the pill makes me I fail to see the point...
    I digress. My Human holds me like an infant human kitten, pinches my mouth open and drops that pill right in! She has Mad Pilling Skilz. I only struggle because it's in the rules. So even if you don't mind, act like you do.

  9. A pill just to make you happy? Oh no, that doesn't sound very nice. Are you a bad cat otherwise? What's wrong? These are the things kittens don't understand well.
    Tia, I want to train my people to be nice and to play with me and give me tummy tickles and things. He's not a slave, he's a friend. Maybe I'll learn more when I get bigger and realize I'm being silly now, but maybe I won't. My people calls me a good kitten, and mostly I think he's right.
    Had another pill this morning while I was trying to play with a bellball...didn't like that very much. If he's going to make me swallow things, at least my people should wait till I come to him or get bored or something.

  10. Babycat, you want to train your people, and that's the bottom line. He can still be a friend. My human is a friend, albeit it very stupid one, but I've still trained her. You can still love them. Nothing wrong with loving a pet-friend, is there? But you need to keep things in perspective. The Catnip Lounge gives very good advice. I'd listen, were I you.